The Cold Hard Facts

The numbers are staggering. This problem is right at your door.


Children in Alabama are food insecure. They have no way of buying food; and fear being taken from their homes if they ask for help.


People in Alabama often do not know where there next meal is coming from.


Kids may go to bed hungry in Central Alabama each night when not in school that day.

Be the Difference in a Child's Life

Partner with Alabama Childhood Food Solutions in Sylacauga and Birmingham, AL

Imagine being hungry every single day of the week. You're not sure where your next meal is coming from or how you're going to pay for it. Now imagine you're only eight years old.

In the state of Alabama over 200,000+ children aren't sure where their next meal is coming from. That number, along with others you'll find on this site, is beyond staggering. It's difficult to imagine going through that on a daily basis as an adult, let alone if you were a child. The good news? You can make a difference.

What can I do?

Alabama Childhood Food Solutions (ACFS) in Sylacauga and Birmingham, AL is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that provides food to food-insecure children in five counties in Central Alabama. They recognized the childhood food insecurity problem plaguing children in the state and decided to do something about it. Their goal? To make an impact on hunger in Alabama and beyond.

We are constantly looking for people just like you, volunteers and donors who want to make a difference. Get involved by navigating to the Donate Now or pages on our site.
For just $25 you can feed one child for five weekends, or provide a weekend bag for six children! Imagine what a $100 donation can do. No one, especially a child, should go hungry. Be the difference in a child's life today by getting in touch with Alabama Childhood Food Solutions in Sylacauga and Birmingham, AL.

Special thanks to our local corporate sponors. * Our current donation to cost of operation ratio: 90% giving and 10% cost of operation.